Referral Directory

We at Smith & Associates work with many professionals in a variety of industries and here is a list of other companies we use or recommend.

Investment Advisors

Acadia Trust N.A.

Portland, ME

Richard Wolfe, CFA

(207) 774-3333

Ameriprise Financial

Yarmouth, ME

Leigh Daggett, CHFC

(207) 846-3399

Edward Jones

Gray, ME

Karen Fuller

(207) 657-6243

RBC DainRauscher

Portland, ME

Paul Kendrick

(207) 756-6122


Portland, ME

Anthony Jessen

(207) 791-5112

Business Brokers

Certified Business Brokers of Maine

Portland, ME

Steve Strand, CPA

(207) 771-1900

Tounge Associates

Portland, ME

Jeff Tounge

(207) 712-1452


Beagle & Ridge, LLC

Portland, ME

Martin Ridge, Esq.

(207) 773-1751

Bernstein Shur

Portland, ME

Frederick Lipp, Esq.

(207) 228-7150

The Law Office of Dawn D. Dyer

Windham, ME

Dawn Dyer, Esq.

(207) 893-8100

Drummond Woodsum

Portland, ME

Gary Vogel, Esq.

(207) 772-1941

Pierce Atwood

Portland, ME

Barbara Wheaton, Esq.

(207) 791-1339

Payroll Services

Bangor Savings Bank

Portland, ME

Matt McDonald

(207) 266-6231


South Portland, ME

Tara Farrington

(207) 842-6995

Yarmouth Payroll Plus

Yarmouth, ME

Jenna Stull

(207) 846-6806

Computer/Web Specialists


Portland, ME

Tom Hall

(207) 956-0020

Compass Technology Managers

Freeport, ME

Douglas Skolnekovich

(207) 319-7643


Yarmouth, ME

Justen Peters & Walter Wallace

(207) 221-5155

Benefit Specialists

Ameriprise Financial

Yarmouth, ME

Leigh Daggett, CHFC

(207) 846-3399

BGA Financial

Portland, ME

Paul Allen, CLU

(207) 772-5153

Bookkeeping Specialists

Minding Your Business

Portland, ME

Maria Ebrahim

(207) 619-7068

Windward Payroll & Bookkeeping Services

Westbrook, ME

Doug Coyle

(207) 808-8071